Realism – but of what kind?

Kinga Nowak’s newer works strike with the freshness of motifs which can be described as  “archeologically anthropologic” (Archeology, Instrument). Painted flatly, in boldly lightened colors, they seem not only decorative but also intriguingly bright, as if lightened up with the sun in zenith; they draw attention to themselves. Kinga Nowak seems freed from an existential dictate and forms a totally different kind of alliance with the reality – with paintings that are deeply metaphorical (her Pompeii is not Villa dei Misteri but a frieze composed of the silhouettes of the tourists), winking at the viewer, showing her distance, freedom from any obligation. (…) The artist evades the problem, treating reality as a starting point for her observations (Archeology), a pretext that she uses to show how she can free herself from artistic conventions.


Małgorzata Kitowska-Łysiak

(extract of a larger text to the exhibition „Lost Realism” , Kraków, Galeria Nautilus 2011r.)